Refuse to do it with her pheromones?

Does she turn around easily or refuse to do it with her pheromones? When you pull her in to get close to her, does she come in easily or hesitant and jerky? When she lies up against your body (you’re holding her from behind) does she put her head on your shoulder, does she come in flat against your body? That’s good.  If she’s not comfortable now, doesn’t mean she’ll never be comfortable, it just means she’s not there yet. Human pheromones do increase sexual attraction. There is no rejection in escalating pheromones, because once you sense she’s uncomfortable you’re the one to alleviate her discomfort.  We do that by pulling her in and saying “Okay how many months have we know each other? ” She’ll say 10 minutes or whatever. You say, “No no, a few months. ” She’ll say 3 or 4 months or whatever. You go, “Okay we’re hanging out watching TV like we always do, what show are we watching?” She’ll reply.  If she’s uncomfortable you push her away and say, “Okay show’s over .” If she is comfortable, you can hold a girl in a club for hour and a half.  The key is to build comfort with her being in that physically intimate pheromone situation with you, the more comfort is built the more likely she’ll allow physical escalation later. If at any time she starts to feel uncomfortable, starts to pull away, you go “Okay show’s over, get off me ” and push her off you.  So it’s the constant dynamic of Push Pull i.e. use kino to reward her and also make her wonder why she keeps getting pushed away once in a while.  Your goal for the interaction determines how aggressive or sexual you are with the power of pheromones. If you’re looking for a date or a girlfriend, get the kino going early and keep it playful, not getting sexual that early unless you’re getting good feedback that it’s okay to keep going. If you’re pushing for a ONS you can go ape-shit and go for whatever you can get and see what happens. The key element to being able to escalate is being able to recognise her comfort threshold of pheromone attraction. So the amount of comfort she needs in order to escalate is what’s important. The 7 hour rule is bullshit. There are some girls you can have sex within half hour and others girls 30 hours. It’s all about recognising and respecting their comfort thresholds. You use touching to find out how comfortable she is in this moment right now, to look for escalation windows. Learn more at Pheromone escalation windows are instants in the interaction where you can make a move and have her accept it i.e. if you pull in really close and say, “Oh God you smell so good I’m trying so hard not to kiss you ” and she says “I don’t believe you” then you can kiss her!  So physical escalation is less about hard & fast rules and more about finding and respecting her comfort levels. Once you hit her comfort threshold and she’s getting uncomfortable, the fact that you release and lean back, shows her, o You’re in control of yourself, o She can trust you, o That you probably get a lot of woman because you’re not needy or desperate and pushing things, escalating too fast, too hard. Learn more at and